Cold Chain Compliance

From the time a piece of fruit or vegetable is harvested, a biological clock begins. Our commitment to the cold chain controls the ripening process and extends the shelf life of produce – giving you less product loss and the best return on your investment.

With decades of experience as a produce distributor, we understand the critical nature of temperature in the life cycle process. That's why we maintain the proper temperature at all times in our 100,000 square foot, totally climate controlled warehouse. There's more. To slow the ripening process, fruits and vegetables require different temperatures. Our individually controlled rooms and coolers allow for temperature variation. One example is our ultra-modern banana rooms featuring ThermalTech TarpLess Ripening Rooms, with sophisticated humidification system and air circulation.

Food Safety Compliance

We have established the highest set of standards to safeguard food safety – and provide you with the highest quality, safest possible products and peace of mind.

We monitor the quality and sanitary control until your products are safely in your hands. From the start, we work with growers who meet requirements for safety. Our warehouse is free of contaminants, clean and properly cooled.

Our high standards and extraordinary level of food safety are maintained with GFS food safety program and a Food Safety Inspector who monitors and audits the entire operation.